Mummy’s Birth Story

I was meant to have David and my Mum as birth partners. However, my mum got really bad appendicitis the week before Chloe was born and had to have an emergency operation. It was looking unlikely she was going to make it to the birth as she lives in Doncaster and I’m in Birmingham.

At 41 weeks I had a sweep and was 1cm dilated, I had my show on the Friday, then started leaking what I thought were my fluids. I had 4 hours of regular contractions on the Saturday but they stopped after going in the bath. I went to hospital on the Sunday due to fluid loss, which turned out to be just loads of discharge. I started getting contractions while at the hospital but went home as they were only mild.

My contractions continued through the night and got to about every 2-3 minutes so I went into Good Hope Hospital on Monday morning and they said I was only 2cm dilated. After being on a CTG monitor (for over an hour) the contractions tailed off. I went home and was told to come back when the contractions were every 2-3 minutes lasting a minute each. Thankfully my Mum was feeling a lot better and had made her way to the hospital to meet us.

When we got home we had lunch before Graham had to go back to Doncaster, then we went for a walk to try and bring back my contractions. The contractions came back gradually and by 1am I was going back into the hospital. After going back on the CTG monitor again (for over an hour) the contractions slowed/stopped, at this point the hospital decided to admit me.

Mum stayed with me until the morning while David went home to get some much needed rest. The consultant examined me and said I was 2-3cm dilated and suggested that I have my waters broken. At this point I declined as I didn’t want to be induced without medical reason to do so. She suggested I had a ultrasound scan to check on the baby. I had the scan around lunchtime and it showed that Chloe hadn’t grown since 38 weeks and the fluid levels were low, suggesting that the placenta was failing.

As I was now 41 weeks and 6 days pregnant, the hospital were keen to break my waters to get things moving as they were a little worried that Chloe wasn’t getting what she needed any more and there was a chance she could end up being still born 🙁

The hospital wanted me to stay in overnight again as they weren’t able to do anything till the following day anyway. I really didn’t want to stay in as I would have been on my own all night and I was scared. I took a lot of persuading by my Mum and Diane that it was best if I stayed in hospital rather than go home and come back the next day. Eventually the hospital agreed to let someone stay with me overnight and my Mum stayed with me again.

Wednesday morning, David arrived at the hospital and my Mum went back to ours for a bit of sleep. I was told I would be taken to have my waters broken at 9am but they were really busy on the labour ward and I ended up waiting until 4pm! While I was waiting I was trying everything I could to get my contractions going again and hopefully break my waters naturally. I was climbing up and down 5 flights of stairs sideways, rocking on a birth ball and hand expressing. I managed to get my contractions going but only coming every 4-5 minutes.

So at 4pm they took me down to the labour ward and had my waters broken at 4.15pm. I was given 4 hours to get into established labour or would need a hormone drip to speed things up. I spent 4 hours on the birth ball and contractions got loads more regular and intense. The midwife examined me and said I was 3-4cm and suggested I had the drip as it wasn’t much progress in 4 hours. I told her I had only been having the contractions that strong for previous hour so she agreed to give me a further 2 hours. By about 10pm I was well into established labour and using gas and air. Chloe had to have a fetal scalp electrode to monitor her constantly throughout the time I was in established labour.

My contractions came thick and fast and I felt ready to push just before 1am, the midwife didn’t think I was quite ready but told me to have a go and see what happened, so I did! I only did about 4 or 5 pushes in total, 3 for the head and 1 for the rest of her! I managed to just use gas and air throughout but stopped with it at pushing stage so I could concentrate on pushing! She arrived at 1.22am and weighed 6lb12.5oz.

After she came out, David cut the cord and him and my Mum took turns to coo over her while I recovered. I had a lot of blood loss and almost fainted in the shower. I had a 2nd degree tear but it didn’t require stiches. Chloe spent a good 2 hours chatting away before falling asleep. I went up to the ward just after 5am and enjoyed snuggling my little girl until morning 🙂 We were allowed home at 6:30pm that evening.

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  1. Wow, what a day, and all that waiting!! Your baby girl is absolutly beautiful 🙂 you make a lovely family 🙂 all the best for your future together 🙂 can’t wait to see her 🙂 xx

  2. You had a busy day. She is stunning and you make a beautiful family. I had Nia in Good Hope they were so good. You did so well on just gas and air. Congratulations x

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