Been busy

Mummy says sorry she hadn’t put any pictures of me on here for a few days, we have been very busy 🙂

On Friday we went to a playgroup in the morning then went to the postnatal group in the afternoon before going shoppin with ollie and Amy.

Saturday I had my first swimming lesson with mummy. I really enjoyed it and look forward to going back. Daddy will be coming next time too 🙂
In the afternoon mummy took me into Birmingham with Amy and ollie. It was very very busy but I was a good girl and slept round most of the shops!

Sunday we had a nice day at home, daddy looked after me most of the day so mummy could have a rest. Then in the evening, we all got dressed up and we went to Heidi’s wedding reception.

Monday mummy and I went to another playgroup with Amy and ollie. Then we all went for a long walk down the canal and went for lunch at a pub. Me and mummy then walked to daddy’s work to meet him but he had to stay over a bit coz something was broken so we sat next to his desk and I watched him fixing the website for a while 🙂

Tuesday daddy had the day off so that we could go and register me! We went to the town hall and mummy and daddy told the lady all our details and got my birth certificate. I am now officially called Chloe Alyssa-Faith Hadley.
This evening we went swimming as a family and mummy showed daddy what we had learnt at our swimming lesson on Saturday. We all enjoyed the swimming and we can’t wait for saturday now 🙂
















3 weeks today

I am 3 weeks old today 🙂 mummy can’t quite believe it has gone so quick! I now weigh 8lb5oz mummy keeps calling me chubs hehe.

Mummy and daddy are going to take me to my first swimming lesson on Saturday 🙂 I have a new wetsuit to wear that is going to keep me warm in the water. I look very cute in it and it has fairy wings!








Big girl

I am being a big girl tonight, mummy and daddy have put me in bed on my own for the first time. They have a monitor so they can watch what I am doing while I am in bed. So far I am being very good and am just going to sleep on my own 🙂